Taxation in the Metaverse: How to manage the tax aspects of NFTs

Together with Rödl & Partner we talked about taxation, NFT and metaverse. Discover the best practices to follow!

Together with our guests we held the second appointment of our series of webinars dedicated to NFT and metaverse.

Our experts – in this event – have explained what are the regulations and best practices regarding the tax treatment of NFT and cryptocurrencies, what are the indications for the tax return and finally have illustrated some considerations on the future fiscal aspects of the metaverse.

– Introduction by Pamela Ciarcià, Chartered Accountant, Rödl & Partner

– Statement by Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience
Overview of metaverse and NFT, some case histories and examples of how companies are moving

– Speech by Alberto Perossi and Luca Pagani, Chartered Accountants, Rödl & Partner
The tax treatment of cryptocurrencies and indication in the tax return. Considerations on the tax aspects of metaverse/NFT