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Are you a company or a private individual?
Bring your product or service to the Non-Fungible Token market
with the proprietary NFTCommerce solution suite.



Our team specializes in creating ad hoc solutions, which meet the needs of each individual customer.



Do you want to set up a virtual showcase for your new NFT on the most famous marketplaces, or do you prefer to list your digital assets on a proprietary software architecture? Either way, we're here for you.



NFTCommerce is based on a serverless microservices architecture, the result of collaboration between the digital commerce and blockchain experts of Neosperience and WizKey.

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Our Solutions

The showcase for your digital products and services. Your proprietary marketplace, tailor-made. The new virtual space where you can live your ideas.


For small and medium-sized companies, creatives and publishers who want to supportĀ  their core business with NFTs.


  • Improve market positioning;
  • Encourage brand awareness and customer engagement.


  • Simple and immediately deployable technical solution, available within a few days;
  • Dedicated landing page including management of the media files underlying your NFTs;
  • Flexible solution that can be connected to the main marketplaces such as Opensea and Rarible.

Technical Characteristics

  • Dedicated web server;
  • NFT multimedia content hosting.
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For medium to large companies, galleries, showrooms and professionals who want to invest in a new business model.


  • Encourage brand loyalty and brand equity;
  • Create new revenue streams that are parallel to the core business.


  • Independent landing page with direct integration of wallets;
  • Excellent quality/price ratio: management of NFTs on the landing page with development of the dedicated and customised white label platform;
  • Excellent solution for medium-sized companies and brands.

Technical Characteristics

  • Single Page Application Marketplace;
  • Wallet integration (Metamask, Brave, Torus);
  • On-site NFT purchase (crypto).
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For large companies and manufacturers who have decided to invest in NFTs with long-term strategies and proprietary infrastructure.


  • Ensure a strategic positioning on the NFT market;
  • Generate and consolidate the brand's new core business.


  • Definitive solution for companies that want to have complete control over all platform operations;
  • Complete independence from the macro and micro dynamics of the marketplaces that can influence operations in the sale of NFTs;
  • Maximum customization. Choice of blockchain type, platform structure/architecture, token type.

Technical Characteristics

  • Smart Contract for NFT in Solidity according to the ERC721 standard;
  • Multichain capability (EVM compatible);
  • Fiat money payment gateway.
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For companies and institutions that aim to develop virtual locations for the purposes of entertainment, education or the provision of all-digital services.


  • Encourage customer loyalty for single events or in a continuous offer;
  • Ensure state-of-the-art brand engagement on decentralized platforms.


  • Work/study environment at the forefront of the latest technological trends;
  • Possibility of recreating existing environments that provide interactive and additional functions that are otherwise not possible. A feature that is particularly useful for museums, cultural institutions and exhibition spaces;
  • Globally accessible interaction system with the possibility of streaming and VR connections.

Technical Characteristics

  • Web3.0 development stack, fundamental for decentralized platforms;
  • Digital twins for physical entities, at the base of virtual experiences immersed in decentralized environments;
  • Immersive platform VR.
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